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[[The art of [LOVING] and [losing].. but maybe letting go is best. [Jul. 30th, 2008|09:22 pm]
[Where am I? |between a ::ROCK:: and a >>Hard Spot]
[->I feel... |hopefulhopeful]

Dear JESUS! I havent wrote on here in SOOOOOO damn long. I've read over everything and I seem to have lost that zest in my writing because some of that shit even surprised me! And I wrote it!

Ok. Aaron and I didn't work out how I had hoped. Money seemed to me the only thing he cared about and wanted to even argue about. We've been separated since April of this year. The civic?? Ha! It was fucked from the beginning. I got rid of it and got an eclipse... its wasn't so great either. Now I have an altima.. uglier than a baboon's brown eye but it got me (without air conditioning) from home to lexington and back. I was very surprised and thankful for the awesome gas mileage. Speaking of lexington.. Met a boy. He is from here.. he WAS a friend of aaron.. and I fell completely in love with the kid. It seemed as though he felt the same for me. Seemed - key word. Let's just say sex = baby and he isnt really wanting to play house with me anymore. He's in lexington and im still here.. about 2 months preggo is the eggo.

I am an emotional wreck! He and I are both scared out of our gourds and as clueless as Paris Hilton.

There is nothing more to say right now.

just another star. [Oct. 17th, 2006|09:39 pm]
its something so simple, yet so complex all at the same time. finding someone to share your world with.. wow. i found my <3. i could not ask for anything more. but - we may be getting something more. im not ready for this. im scared.. ive never been so afraid of anything in my life. im going to just not worry about it for now.

\\* iloveaaron.


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